Amazing Grace!

        Testimonials & Thanksgiving

• Thank you Dear God, Mother of Jesus and my beautiful Jesus Christ for all my blessings given to me. Thank you for all my answered prayers !!! I love You.


• From my heart to yours I would like to Thank all my friends at IC and the parishioners for all the prayers that were said for my daughter and my new born granddaughter. It's truly a miracle she was born healthy and my daughter is alive to be a mother. I wish I could express just how much I appreciate the prayers. Miracles do happen!


• This is a very powerful prayer group. The illegal charges against my son were dropped immediately! Lies exposed. May everyone's prayers be heard, I am deeply grateful. Thank you Jesus and Mary.


• Surgery was successful with very limited pain associated - crediting all the prayers!


• Young E.C. was unexpectedly released from the hospital after a miraculous recovery.  THANK YOU for the prayers!


• Thank you for all your prayers. My dad's (B.H.) surgery was successful and his recovery is coming along well. Thank you again.

God is good all the time!

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