At Immaculate Conception School, our Catholic faith is the very heart of our curriculum. Christian values are an integral part of the daily learning experience, presented through lessons and loving example.  Morning prayers and weekly children’s Masses build and strengthen a Christ-centered environment.


Our challenging academic curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in high school and beyond.  Our students routinely score above the norm on standardized testing, meeting and exceeding state standards, and perform exceptionally well on high school placement exams.


Some of our more outstanding offerings include:

• An accelerated math program

• Public speaking experience beginning in first grade

• State-of-the-art computer lab

• Hands-on science and annual science fair

• Unique pilot program that explores foreign language and culture

• Variety of specials, including music, art, physical education and technology

• Strong junior high curriculum integrating Smart Board technology

• Five Day – Full Day Kindergarten program with a full curriculum and small class size

• PreK Cougar Cub program with options for 3- and 4-year olds


As we expand and update our campus, we are dedicated to preserving the smaller class sizes that ensure a more personal learning experience for each and every child.




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