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Do you have an intention or prayer request you would like our Prayer Warriors to include in prayer?  Enter your need or tell us how your prayer has been answered in the space below.  (All names submitted will be converted on-line to first and last initial, to protect privacy.)

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The Grace Line Prayer Requests:


• Please Pray for my Mother D.L. she has mental health issues. thank you very much.


• Please pray for the family of M.H. who passed away unexpectedly. She was 26 years old and leaves behind her husband, the love of her life, and five children, the youngest of whom is a daughter 6 weeks old. Please pray for courage, strength, and energy for her husband so that he may be the parent that his family needs while he is grieving. Please pray for her children, so that they may grieve, heal, and know God's love.


• Good morning. S.S. - a fourth grader at St. Mary School in Westphalia, MI. - suffered a brain aneurysm burst on December 3, 2017. There is some brain activity but she's currently fighting for her life at the hospital. Prayers for her and her family are greatly appreciated. We are praying for the intercession of Solanus Casey to ask God for a miracle for Samantha. Thank you and God bless!


• I suffer from a very severe heart disease. I have been stuck at home for 3 years, hoping that the Virgin Mary may intercede for my healing. I have a pericardial effusion and also some respiratory complications. I have many problems and a lot of suffering within my marriage. I beg you to remember me in your prayers.  Thank you very much.


• Please pray for I.H., age four. She is currently at U of M and underwent surgery for severe burns to her body. On the Fourth of July, her little dress started on fire from a lit candle and she suffered severe burns. Please pray for her parents also.


• Hello please could you pray for my husband N. who will soon be having tests to see if he has inherited a gene which predisposes him to motor neurone disease. Please pray that the tests will be negative and that N. does not have this faulty gene thank you for your prayers


• Our family is in need of a home and an income after both my husband and I were hospitalized for serious illnesses. We have children so we beg for your prayers to help us get back on our feet immediately. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you all!


• Hello, please could you pray for my amazing Dad Jeffrey who has terminal cancer caused by asbestos. His cancer is spreading aggresively and I am asking for prayer for his healing. He is becoming weak and needs physical strength as well as inner healing from cancer. I also pray for a clear mind for my Dad. Thank you so much


• Please pray for healing for my husband's mental and physical problems. Thanks and praise to Jesus and Mary.


• For D.'s drinking problems.


• T.T. Prayers for successful surgery.


• Prayers for J.


• For all those who are suffering physically or spiritually.


• That all young people will be free of the use of excessive technology and will seek face to face contact with people and find fulfillment in living out a Christ Centered lifestyle.


• Please pray for healing for my mother E.J., Lord please remove every pain from my mothers body, please pray for healing for my mothers lungs.


• We are members of the church. My son has been going through a rough patch in his life. He is only 12 going on 13 so it's a difficult time. He has recently put out to the public that he was going to make a YouTube video on killing himself. Please pray for him that he understands that this is not God's plan.


• May all people work together for the building up of His kingdom.


•  May the unique gifts and talents of each individual be offered to God, to bring forth His kingdom.  May all those who are lost, come to find the comfort and care of our loving Savior.  May God's great mercy be poured out generously upon all nations and peoples.


• Please pray for E.S. healing from pain and addiction.


• Please pray for C.D. who is fighting ovarian cancer. She has an appointment today for follow up and her condition is worsening. Give her strength and courage as she faces this difficult journey.


• Lord, we pray that all priests who proclaim and extol Your mercy, will be given a wondrous power; and that You will anoint their words and touch the hearts of those to whom they speak.


• That hardened sinners will repent on hearing of God's unfathomable mercy and the compassion He has for them.


• Please help JW overcome his drinking problem. The alcohol is consuming him and he is not able to witness all of God's glory, because this demon of alcohol is clouding his mind and his behavior. What happened Lord to the son I guarded and raised with a compassionate heart. I don't even know who he is anymore. My heart is on fire, please rescue him, my loving God!


• Dear Prayer Team, I've lost my job after 15 plus years of dedicated service. Also, the men whom laid me off have been very harsh and cold hearted to my personal needs and the needs of my family. They just don't care that I could lose my home and everything. I'm scared. I'm now getting sick and I think this job loss is taking its toll on me. If there is any saving grace, it's the gift and blessing of being laid off during the holiest time of the year, Easter with Holy Week! That's been a gift from God! Please pray I find a job, to support the family, one in which my employer appreciates the work God blesses me with. With love and appreciation, L.D.


• Please pray that I find a job with the U.S. Federal Government soon. Ask God to bless me and to bless my job applications with the U.S. Federal Government so that I am selected and offered a job. In Jesus Name.


• Can you help me with your prayers? I was just laid off from my job March 31, 2017. After 15 years of dedicated service, the company decided I was no longer of any use. Please pray that I don't lose everything. I'm so afraid I'll lose my home and all that I worked hard for. Please pray I find a job immediately. Please pray for my soul, I'm feeling very fragile and don't know where to turn. I feel of no value as I am over 50 and the workforce doesn't seem to value older professional skills.  When things turn around, I will write back. It's ironic, I'm lost but found your request for prayer link. God works miraculously. Thank you.


• Please pray for me that God help me to stay strong and touch my heart to remove my pain and heaviness that I feel. Please pray for me, that God grant my prayer that this year I can get scholarship to continue my study abroad.


• Please pray for the family of M.H. who passed away unexpectedly on 3-18-17. She was 26 years old and leaves behind her husband, the love of her life, and five children, the youngest of whom is a daughter 6 weeks old. Please pray for courage, strength, and energy for her husband so that he may be the parent that his family needs while he is grieving. Please pray for her children, so that they may grieve, heal, and know God's love.


• S.H. is currently undergoing testing for a possible blood sugar issue. Please pray that he may realize complete remission and recovery.


• I/we pray for the Repose of the Soul of Sr. C.M., sm. We pray for God's Love and Mercy upon her. I miss her dearly. Amen.


• For the health and recovery of M.N.


• Please pray for my husband I.J. that he will return to our family. That the Lord will illuminate and guide his heart as well as his mind. I pray that all obstacles preventing his return especially shame and pride will be removed so that our marriage and family can be restored. Pray that our son N.J. will know the joy of his father’s presence.


• Please pray for my father, JB, that he is able to find the peace of Jesus for his soul.


• For peace and healing that I know God's plan. For B., that he reaches out to me.


• For S.C. who is facing many health issues and a very high risk pregnancy.  Though it is a danger to herself, she is willing to carry the baby to term.  Please pray for the life and health of both mother and baby.


• Prayers for J so that he may beat drugs and return to a healthy lifestyle.


• Please pray for L.G. Who is in ICU after cancer surgery unable to breathe on his own. God bless.


• Please pray for my daughter S.C. who will have kidney transplant surgery March 15 and her brother J.S. who is the donor. Thank you. God Bless.


• For my Daughter who wants to start dating and find a good Catholic husband.


• For comfort and strength for my husband M.T. He seems to be fading more each day and to please give me the patience and strength to continue caring for him at home. Thank you Almighty Father, Jesus, Mary and Joseph for hearing my prayers. Amen and Amen


• Please Pray for my Mother D.L., she has mental health issues. Thank you very much.


• Hi, Please pray for my father R.L., he is battling cancer. Thank you very much.


• Please pray for the health of J.C. who is facing newly discovered health challenges.


• Please pray for my family as my husband and I are struggling with our marriage. Please let God show me the right path to take. We have children and I don't want to be divorced but I do not trust him.


• May the prayer warriors pray for me and my health. I am having difficulty with my breathing, and am seeking answers from my doctors. As they run different test. I pray for help and healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.  Andrea S.


• Please pray for D. H.'s health and successful surgery. Thank you so much.


• Please pray for my friend's wife N. C. she is a loving wife and mother of 5 young children. The doctors say it looks to be cancer in three locations of her body. She is going for biopsies tomorrow please pray for her and her family. Thank you God Bless


• I need immediate help, cancer and shingles have attacked my right eye, I am desperately in need of God's healing grace. Know that I have already received a miracle blessing from this prayer group, prayers are answered much faster where two or more are gathered. Thank you Jesus and Mary.


• For some special/urgent intentions.


• Dear Fr. Esper and prayer warriors, Please pray for M.S., 19, who has recently entered hospice for cancer from Divine Child Parish in Dearborn, MI. We believe in miracles. Thanks! The Humphreys


• Please pray for my husband Jack who is critically ill. Please pray that God's will be done.


• Please pray for my sister in law M.R.A. They have found a Mass. She is extremely ill. She is a single Mom who works full time. Please also include her two children in your prayers. Jesus please heal her and comfort her children. J. M. J.


• Healing from alcoholism and all that entails for J. H. Sincere gratitude, Marie H.


• For the healing of V.H. Special need for J.V.


• For all those attending the Vicariate Healing Mass, that they will experience the power and love of the Holy Spirit.


• For all those attending the Fatima Conference this weekend that they will grow in His grace and love and have a more meaningful relationship with God.


• For more vocations to the Priesthood and religious life.


• Dear Blessed Mother, please pray for the sanctity of our priests that they will be preserved from all evil and that He will them give them the strength and grace to do all that your Son asks of them with an open heart full of self surrender and gratitude. May His divine will be done  in their lives. May the Holy Spirit flow through them, uniting them in His perfect love. Please cover them with your mantle and ask God to bless them.


• I am not a member of your parish or even from Michigan. My husband and I stopped attending Mass over a year ago. Please pray for us. L.F.


• Dear Mother of Grace, May we please pray for my neighbor, B.B. and my cousin, J.F. Please intercede for them. Amen.


• May we please pray for Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore who is suffering for standing up for God's Law - Marriage between a man and a woman.


• Let us pray for God's will be done with the upcoming presidential election. May the truth be discerned and known. Amen.


• Please pray for all people who have been affected by hurricane Matthew. We pray for God's Love and Mercy to help them. Amen.


• Please pray for the conversion of sinners and repentance. Please pray for my cousin who is addicted to heroine. Please pray for my aunts and uncles and their children who,have fallen away from the Catholic faith. Please pray for my husband to have a personal encounter with Jesus. Please pray for my daughter to open her heart and be more selfless rather than self centered, and also have a personal encounter with Jesus. Thank you for praying for my intentions. May God Bless your families abundantly.


• My mother-in-law, J.N.. In the last couple of years she has battled an aggressive form of breast cancer, had a heart attack and now they have found spots on both lungs. Please pray that our Lord give her strength and peace.


• May we please pray for a good outcome for the upcoming presidential election that is pleasing to God. We pray for the Grace to be able to discern good from evil and support good. Amen.


• Please hold my 86- year old mother in prayer, she had a very serious stroke a few days ago. She is stable and still in the hospital, and has lost use of her left side, she is not even able to swallow and is now on a feeding tube. This has been hard on my 89-year old father as well who just recently had a 3-month stay in the hospital. Doctors say it'll take a miracle to heal her, please pray for one.


• Please pray for K.D. and B.D. for health and healing.


• Please pray for A.M.G., who received diagnosis of cancer. The Lord's will be done. Healing and help with med bills.


• Please pray for me to be patient while Jesus works miracles in my life and feel the peace and strength He and Blessed Mother are providing during this very difficult time in my life, thank you for praying with me and thank you Jesus for hearing our request. Thank you Mother for interceding for us. Amen.


• Please protect and save all the unborn from the evil one. Please protect our children of all ages in a special way those in public schools from evil influences. Amen.


• Please pray for my grandchildren that they may receive wisdom and guidance for their future endeavors and return to the faith. and please pray for the health of their parents as they guide them. Amen


• Please pray for a good and speedy recovery for my friend P. who broke a bone in her hand. May God's Will be done. Amen.


• Please Pray for the soul of W.L.E.


• Holy angels and saints, please pray that our country will respect all life from conception to natural death.


• Please pray for a good outcome for my Uncle R.'s surgery on his legs. May God's Will be done. Amen.


• Dear Holy Mother Mary, May we pray for Pope Francis and his closest advisers, Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo and Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga. May they be pleasing to God Almighty. Amen.


• Our Lady of Grace, We pray for Almighty God to protect God's watchmen, warriors, news men and judges, attorneys, candidates and his Holy Angels! May they have the strength, power and love to fight all evil. Amen.


• Healing for M.M. please.


• Please pray for me. I was concerned for my niece's welfare 6 years ago and since then my family has turned on me, I am heartbroken. I have cried and prayed for years. Please help me help GOD hear my/our prayers. Thank you so much and God bless you all.


• Please pray for my Dad, B.H., he is having surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Please Lord Jesus guide the hands of the surgeon and nurses to have no complications during surgery. And for a quick recovery. In Mary's name AMEN


• For criminal charges to be dropped against my son who is being falsely accused.


• For my son who is struggling with anxiety and who is in the grip of spiritual warfare against his faith.  Please pray that he is healed both, spiritually and physically. Amen.


• For B.H. to have a successful surgery and for a speedy and complete recovery.


• Dear Blessed Mother, May we please pray for the people of Venezuela. May God's Love and Mercy be upon them always. Amen.


• Dear Blessed Mother, we pray for your mantle of protection around Supreme Court Judge, Roy Moore. May he have the Grace to do God's Holy Will. Amen.


• Dear Mother Mary, Our Lady of Grace, please come to our aid. We beg of our Lord, your Son, to please stop Hillary Clinton. Please stop the satanic black mass scheduled for August 15, 2016 in Oklahoma. We pray for the grace to celebrate the Glorious Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven on that day. Amen.


• For the healing of B.M.'s knee and removal of infection.


• Prayers for protection from asbestos exposure.


• Please pray for God's Love, Mercy, and Grace on our country and its citizens. In a special way, please pray for T. E. and all of her prayers and intentions. Amen.


• Prayer for N.B. who is facing a life threatening illness.


• Healing for my brother R.E. who was in a life-threatening accident. Spiritual healing and conversion for my family.


• Please pray that we will be happily re-united with our oldest son whom we have not seen in 25 years. We love him and miss him very much. May the Lord touch his heart and soul with the desire to re-connect with his family. Thank you for your prayers.


• Please pray D. will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage and start a family. Please pray God will touch/heal his heart and save him. Will you please pray with me to save our marriage? Thank you and God bless.


• My marriage to be strong and loving again. Thank you and many blessings to you.


• Wisdom for my son regarding his upcoming marriage. May he return to his Catholic Faith and find a partner who will help to strengthen that faith in him and also to heal the divide he has put between himself and his family who love him dearly.


• Please pray for L.J. to overcome the tragedy of the loss of her husband. That she will find peace.


• Please pray for all victims of the truck attack in France. Healing prayers to all injured, prayers for the souls of the departed. May God have mercy on those that appear before him today.


• Please pray for my friends brother D.T., lying in a cardiac unit in Indiana. Heart valve replacement, then heart attack. Very serious condition.


• Please pray for my daughter, Christine. She is having medical issues that the doctors are having difficulty correcting.


• Healing prayers, please, for my husband who suffers from multiple life threatening medical problems as well as severe mental problems. May Jesus and Mary be with our family during this trying time. With gracious thanks to God.


• For the repose of the soul of T. B., may he rest in the peace of God the Father. May God help all his family and friends who mourn his death.


• For T. J. for crisis in career. With humble thanks for your kindness through prayer.


• For M. K. who struggles with a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, and ADD, that she will be healed and get off her medication.


• For my son-in-law B. K. that he will be led to the church through his wife M. K., and that M. K. faith be strengthened to allow this to happen so that they will both return to the church and have their marriage blessed.


• Praying for our son S. K. to stop his pagan practices and return to the one true faith with a clear vocation from God. May the Blessed Mother Mary keep her mantle wrapped around him.


• For D.I. and J.I. that their fertility will be restored to full function and that they be blessed with twins.


• For the conversion of all our family members to reconcile with the Catholic church.


• Please pray for me and my husband who has become extremely difficult to live with, he refuses to maintain the family home and yard any longer, or to seek help from a primary care physician.


• Prayers for Mr. E.C. who has been stricken with unremitting neuropathic pain from shingles and chronic facial paralysis from Bell's Palsy. (May God bless you for your prayers.)


• Prayers for G.A. Sr. who was in a bad accident and needs re-constructive surgery on his face.  Many other injuries.  Thank you.


• Prayers for J.C.


• Prayer for Healing for daughter S.C. who is on Dialysis and waiting for kidney transplant. Also recovering from major surgery 2 weeks ago. Blessed be God forever.

• Please pray that my eyes will be healed of macular degeneration and cataracts. Thank you.


• Pray for Christians and Catholics who are not pro-life that they may find the Truth.


• For our children whom question the existence and importance of God and Faith.


• For our daughter with special health condition affecting her life and college endeavors. -Thank you and God Bless you. -anonymous


• Please pray for my son-in-law R.J.M. who is suffering from depression and anxiety.


• For persecuted people everywhere.


• Please prayer for the following individuals: P.J., S.J., N.J., R.J., A.J., C.J., E.J., D.J., S.J., K.J., B.Y., M.S., J.D., Dr. K.B., R.L., and M.L.


• For vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, religious brothers and sisters.


• Please pray for the fallen away children of faithful Catholics - that they may find their way back to full communion with the one true Church.


• For the people of the U.S. to turn back to God and ask forgiveness and for Gods blessings to return to our country.


• N. J. - Congestive Heart Failure


• M. E. - Cancer


• J. W. - Pulmonary Fibrosis


• For all the victims of the Orlando terror attack, that they may find peace and comfort in the Lord.


The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.


James 5:16

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