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Do you have an intention or prayer request you would like our Prayer Warriors to include in prayer?  Enter your need or tell us how your prayer has been answered in the space below.  (All names submitted will be converted on-line to first and last initial, to protect privacy.)

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The Grace Line Prayer Requests:


• Please pray for my children whom are lost with little faith. For years they have suffered the hardships as a result of abuse. Pray for their growth in love for each other and the pain will be given to God. Bless them with self confidence and the ability live a stable life. (2/2/2019)


• Please pray for baby C. He is having life saving surgery while suffering from pneumonia. (1/30/2019)


• Am requesting prayer for my child's father... he's filled with demons of confusion he needs help. (1/29/2019)


• For T. who has suffered two strokes, may God heal the pain in his left arm and restore feeling and movement, not only in his arm but on the entire left side of his body. May his spirits remain strong while he battles the effects of these strokes and the spread of cancer. Lord, I offer all of my strength, my everything, for his healing. (1/28/2019)


• Prayers for some 6th grade girls who are not learning the faith because of parent neglect. Prayer for the girls is  requested by a grandmother of one of the girls that they may not be influenced by the suggestive music and that the girls be protected from the ways of the world and grow closer to God.  (01/28/2019)


• Prayers for 2 year old A. who is having seizures and has a heart mummer.  We ask for healing for this little one and for comfort for her parents. (01/23/2019)


• Please pray for K. and her unborn baby, E. She is in her final stages of pregnancy, but recent lab tests shows some potential health issues. Praying for healthy delivery and healthy baby. (1/20/2019)


• Please pray for V.J. She is hospitalized with blood clots in her legs and lung. (1/20/2019)


• Please pray for daughter A. in Sydney, physically attacked by hubby A.  Please pray Jesus takes away all her frustrations, hopelessness, despair and fill her with the Holy Spirit of joy, peace, forgiveness, healing, protection, blessings. Thank you in Jesus name (1/12/2019)


• I've been diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable lung cancer (Sept.), never smoked, currently on chemo. Pray for healing or to accept Gods' will. Thank you, B. (1/10/2019)


• Please intercede for my brother so that his fracture to the right arm, can heal without surgery and can soon recover the mobility in order to return to work. His family relies on his salary for all needs. I also ask you to pray so that my sister-in-law may soon find a good job that will allow her to help my brother and to look after his children in the best way. Pray also for me, for my mother (health problems) and for all my dear departed, the Lord obtain for all my family the pardon and graces necessary for eternal salvation. Thank you, God bless you. (1/10/2019)


• Asking prayers for my friend M.W., her deliverance from substance abuse and her mental health healing salvation that she becomes saved and God becomes the center of her life.  She need a job ASAP. (1/8/2019)


• Please pray for the Wisdom of Solomon, an openness to the Holy Spirit and God’s Divine Plan pouring forth upon all in our Government, that the Government will re-open and hard working “essential and non-essential” employees will be paid. (1/2/2019)


• Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for my mother A. and father D. Pray for their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Pray for their inner healing from all hurts and wounds and for deliverance from all bondages of evil. Pray for the healing of broken relationships and misunderstandings between my parents and me and my husband. Also pray for my safe and healthy delivery. Pray for my husband J.  for healing of his anger and bitterness and for success in his financial dealings. Pray that he may be calm and patient in all situations. Pray that he may be forgiving and understanding towards my family. Pray that all of us may let go of our bitterness anger and memories of the past and be united in peace and harmony in the new year. (12/31/2018)


• Please help my wife and I pay off our bills so we can better prepare for our retirement. Thank you in Our Lord's name. Amen. (12/27/2018)


• Please pray for me that I can surrender my worries and problems to the Lord and let Him take over. Please pray that God will never forsake me and that he will carry me and my burdens. Please pray for a favorable outcome to a problem we face. (12/11/2018)


• For the conversions of T. and her husband. (11/13/2018)


• Please pray to Our Lady for the intentions of our Pope Francis and for the on line Holy Souls Purgatory Project. Glory and thanks be to God. (11/7/2018)


• Please pray for my sister, M.P.M. for healing of obsessive compulsive disorder and intrusive thoughts. Thank you. (11/7/1018)


• Please bless my friend's daughter A. She is sixteen and going through some teenage issues. May she be strong, have an abundance of self-confidence, and become a terrific woman. Through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen. (11/6/2018)


• Prayers for a fair and just election process and that the candidates most closely aligned with God's will be elected.  (11/5/2018)


• Dear friends, I ask for prayers to know better the will of God regarding the graces that I am imploring.  (11/2/2018)


The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.


James 5:16

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