Parish Hall Rental Information & Procedures


Rental Information

COST: $300

One half of the $300 rental fee ($150) is required at the time of reservation as a non-refundable deposit. Deposit must be received two (2) weeks prior to the rental.  Space is not guaranteed until deposit is received.


If alcohol will be served, an additional $50 is to be paid to the two (2) bartenders that the parish will provide.


A $250 security deposit is required.  This check will be returned to you upon inspection of hall after rental.



Events cannot take place during Mass times.  Therefore, if your event is scheduled on Saturday; your guests must either be gone by 3:30pm or not arrive until 6:00pm.  If your event is on Sunday; your guests cannot arrive until 2:00pm.



The official capacity of the hall is 200; but 175 will fit much more comfortably.



We have a very nice kitchen, complete with two stoves/ovens, two microwaves, coffee pots and some refrigerator/freezer space.  Our kitchen is not licensed for food prep but for warming only.



We do not supply table cloths, dish cloths or towels, coffee, salt, pepper, sugar, etc.



Parish Hall Guidelines for Use


 1. Allow ample time to reserve your spot in the Hall by contacting Debie Hauer well in advance at the Parish Office. We need to know EVERY TIME the Hall is used whether it is a meeting, private event or parish-wide event. Debie has the Master Calendar.  Occasionally tables are needed for an event at the school.  They must also be reserved well in advance as this makes the hall unusable/non-rentable.


2. Please take the responsibility to secure the key(s) needed to use the Hall. Allow yourself time to come to the Parish Office during regular business hours to secure a key.


3. Lock the door to the Hall if you are alone or working in a small group. Only leave it unlocked when you are expecting a stream of people or when your event is open to the public. If at a meeting, you may wish to lock the door once everyone has arrived. You will be more secure this way.


4. Do not use tape or sticky pins on the walls of the Hall. This includes the room dividers.


5. Empty any trash receptacles, making sure you tie up garbage bags, etc., when you event is complete. Take trash to dumpster located at the rear of the rectory. Please recycle papers at the green recycle dumpster at the rear of the Parish Hall parking lot.


6. Leave the Hall in good and clean condition when you leave.  Return tables and chairs to their original places.  When necessary vacuum.


7. Turn the audio equipment off. Turn off meeting room, bathroom, closet, hallway and kitchen lights. Do not leave plugged in any small appliances such as coffee-makers or toasters.


8. Safety is in numbers, so please try to leave with someone else – Never by yourself.


9. Report any issues i.e. trash, restrooms, lights out, kitchen issues, cleanliness to Bob DeBusschere in writing to


10. Feedback is always welcome. We also look forward to making the conditions as pleasant as we can when you use the Parish Hall.






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