Immaculate Conception Catholic School has a Christ-centered focus and students practice their faith daily. Our school begins each day with prayer.  Religious studies continue in the classroom where students gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith.  The sacraments are studied and students in the second grade are prepared for their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist.  Eighth graders are prepared for their Confirmation through studies, retreats and acts of charity.


Students attend Mass as a school weekly.  The students play an active role in preparing and participating in the Mass beginning in first grade.  Immaculate Conception students are the lectors, altar servers, ushers and bring up the offertory.  The sixth grade class is the choir and prepares during the week for liturgies.  First graders attend Mass with their fifth grade partners at their side; and kindergartners attend with their fourth grade helpers.


Through this integral involvement, IC students gain a great love for their Catholic faith, the sacraments and for the sacrifice of the Mass.




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